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ThermoWhite® products comply with the strictest European quality standards. In order to be able to take advantage of the relief offered by, for example, a housing subsidy products must comply with the standards.

The ThermoWhite system with unique quality assurance guarantee

Tests for quality assurance according to the required standards:

  • Tests according to ETA-17/0407, ETA-12/0428, ETA-17/0408 and ETA-19/0772
  • Grain group EPS ÖNORM - EN 933-1
  • Bulk density of EPS dry mortar ÖNORM - EN 1097-3
  • Fresh mortar bulk density ÖNORM - EN 12350-6
  • Thermal conductivity ÖNORM - EN 12667, ÖNORM B 6015-1 u. -2
  • Dry bulk density ÖNORM - EN 1602
  • Compressive stress at 10 % compression ÖNORM - EN 826
  • Creep behavior ÖNORM - EN 1606
  • Deformation at defined pressure and temperature ÖNORM - EN 1605
  • Fire behavior ÖNORM - EN 13501-1
  • Dynamic stiffness ÖNORM - EN 29052-1
  • European Technical Approval (ETA-17/0407, ETA-12/0428, ETA-17/0408 and ETA-19/0772) for heat and airborne sound insulation
  • Third-party monitoring contract BVFS No. 760 / BVFS No. 774
  • Factory production control (WPK) LD, FMD, DMD, grading curve EPS, weighing cell, filling quantity, dry mix, water addition
  • Registered Mixmobile In-house and externally monitored

The ThermoWhite advantages at a glance

  • Area-wide supply in Austria, Germany and parts of Europe through Thermowhite partners
  • Fast, flexible and punctual customer service
  • Standard-compliant processing according to ETA-17/0407, ETA-12/0428, ETA-17/0408 and ETA-19/0772
  • In-house quality control and external monitoring (BVFS, OFI, OIB)
  • High laying performance and low binder requirement
  • No cutting of slabs required - great time savings
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Excellent impact sound insulation, reduction 25 dB, in system with Thermowhite PE 5/300 up to 32 dB possible
  • Jointless laying
  • High load capacity
  • Quick, clean and site-saving installation
  • Can be laid on a slope, ideal for flat roofs (Speed UP)
  • Optimally suited for underfloor heating systems
  • High installation thicknesses possible
  • Ready for laying from 12 hours with ThermoWhite Speed Up
  • Recyclable
thermowhite before and after processing insulation in room