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We bring you the best thermal insulation. Discover ThermoWhite®

ThermoWhite® is the mineral, bonded insulation fill for floors, flat roofs, pitched roofs, attics, vaults and pool backfill.

There is a secret behind comfortable living: The ThermoWhite® system. The technology for optimum insulation. Because the choice of the right insulation material is crucial for the room climate and acoustics.
About our products

The innovation for optimal insulation

The innovative and CE-certified insulation system for versatile applications. Energy efficent and with a feel-good guarantee!

ThermoWhite® products comply with the strictest European quality standards. To be eligible for housing subsidies, products must comply with the standards.
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A positive eco-balance! The use of natural mineral raw materials and recycled polystyrene makes ThermoWhite® a pioneer in environmental protection. A study by the Institute for Waste Management at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna certifies ThermoWhite's positive eco-balance and highest environmental compatibility.
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Honored with the ENERGY GLOBE AWARD - The world‘s largest and most important environmental award.

Why ThermoWhite? Here are some advantages


  • 100 % Recyclable again
  • Ready to install from 12 hours with ThermoWhite® Speed Up
  • High laying performance and low binder requirement
  • No cutting of panels necessary - great time saving


  • Compared to other systems ThermoWhite® has better thermal conductivity, shorter drying times and an official CE marking

  • Standardized processing according to official certifications (ETA-17/0407, ETA-12/0428, ETA-17/0408, ETA-19/0772)

Heat and impact sound insulating

  • Excellent Impact sound insulation
  • Ideally suited for Underfloor heating
  • Own machine technology = constant paving quality and a clean job site
Discover all the advantages of ThermoWhite

ThermoWhite installed: Before and after

With ThermoWhite insulation fill, so-called cold and thermal bridges can be avoided compared to conventional EPS / polystyrene panels.
Our CE-certified thermal and impact sound insulation is fed via a pipe from the MixMobil to the construction site, where it is applied and compacted cleanly and always in the correct mixing ratio. This standardized production ensures consistent quality every time.
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Our MixMobiles - Flexible in Operation at every Construction site

Highest quality with Thermowhite production technology: With our mobile production machines, it is possible to deliver consistent quality every time.
The advantage: Optimum binder distribution during the dry mixing process ensures a homogeneous mixture. With conventional screed mixers, it is almost impossible to mix polystyrene granules and binder into a homogeneous mass. Strong fluctuations in material quality, especially thermal conductivity, are the result.
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