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A positive eco-balance! The use of natural mineral raw materials and recycled polystyrene makes ThermoWhite® a pioneer in environmental protection. A study by the Institute for Waste Management at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna certifies ThermoWhite's positive eco-balance and highest environmental compatibility.

Environmental effects of ThermoWhite compared to conventional EPS panel insulation systems

- 75 % less photochemical ozone
- 54 % less demand for primary energy
- 21 % less CO2
- 14 % less water demand
- 12 % less resource requirements
100 % RECYCLING of Polystyrene waste

The secret of ThermoWhite lies in its unique composition. The color white stands for innovative technology that delivers contemporary, practical solutions.

ThermoWhite offers a wealth of possibilities for responding even better to customer wishes: Be it in terms of the highest quality of execution, be it in terms of environmentally friendly, forward-looking materials, or be it in terms of the fastest possible and thus most cost-effective completion of projects.

Insulation values comparison theory and practice:

Installation with ThermoWhite® (0,049 W/mK)
thermowhite insulation values comparsion
PRACTICE U-value: 0,818
thermowhite insulation values compared to panels
PRACTICE U-value: 0,988