ThermoWhite® WD 70 R/N

Mineral-bound thermal and impact sound insulation for normal loads.

Achieving the best insulation performance with cost savings in materials, installation and energy consumption.

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  • Mixture of newly foamed EPS granules and recycled granules
  • Best thermal insulation of all Thermowhite WD products
  • Lambda = 0,044 W/mK
  • Traffic loads up to 16kN/m²
  • Enormous impact sound improvement
thermowhite ready-mixed product packs with production machine

ThermoWhite® Ready-mixed products

The ThermoWhite® ready-mixed product is the dry mixture of Thermowhite compound and EPS granules.

Ideal for craftsmen and small quantities, it can be mixed and installed directly on the construction site by adding water in a compulsory mixer.

ThermoWhite® ready-mixed product is mainly used for small quantities, for example for renovations and extensions. Available in bags of 100 and 200 liters.

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