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Highest quality with the Thermowhite MixMobil Production technology

With our mobile production system it is possible to deliver a constant to deliver consistent quality.
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The advantages of the mobile ThermoWhite production system

The production system first generates a dry mixture. The individual components Styropor granules and ThermoWhite compound are mixed dry before the mixing water is added. This is the prerequisite for certification according to ETA-17/0407, ETA-12/0428, ETA-17/0408 and ETA-19/0772.

The advantage: Optimum binder distribution during the dry mixing process ensures a homogeneous mixture. With conventional screed mixers, it is almost impossible to mix polystyrene granules and binder into a homogeneous mass. Strong fluctuations in material quality, especially the thermal conductivity, are the result.

In order to maintain standard conformity for ThermoWhite and ensure consistent product quality, factory production control and external monitoring by an independent testing institute is mandatory.

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Better and constant quality with the Thermowhite MixMobil System

  • Cost-efficient production according to ETA-17/0407, ETA-12/0428, ETA-17/0408 and ETA-19/0772
  • Factory quality control
  • External monitoring of the mobile mixing system
  • Loose filling of styrofoam and binder
  • Control of the mixing system by remote control
  • Delivery rate up to 12 m³/hour possible
  • Clean and space-saving system on the construction site
  • Lower binder requirement with high compressive strength due to dry premix