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ThermoWhite® - high quality and CE certified insulation system for floor, underfloor heating, pool backfill, flat roof, renovation.

The choice of the right insulation material is a decisive factor for the indoor climate and acoustics. ThermoWhite® WD products are mineral-bonded insulation fillings whose strength lies in the improvement of impact sound and thermal insulation.

For this purpose, a dimensionally stable, closed insulation layer is built up, which, compared to other systems, has better thermal insulation and impact sound improvement, with lower settlement and with higher load-bearing capacity.
The tested quality of the ThermoWhite® system is achieved on the one hand by the specially developed binder and the quality of the EPS granules used. But processing also plays a decisive role. This can be ensured and guaranteed by the factory production control (WPK), by means of in-house and external monitoring.

With selected partner companies in processing, the ThermoWhite® system thus offers an unbeatable combination of quality and service.

Differences in ISOLATION and INSULATION compared to other products?

  • ThermoWhite WD products are tested thermal and impact sound insulation with CE certification (see Certifications).
  • Compared to styrofoam concrete (cement, glue, ...) leveling fills, ThermoWhite has better thermal conductivities, shorter drying times, etc. These are also officially tested and certified.
  • Thermowhite WD products are mixed and processed with tested, fully automated machine technology - this means: constant quality, delivery bill directly from machine, no waste on construction site.
thermowhite quality control in mixmobile