ThermoWhite® WD 100 R

Mineral-bound thermal and impact sound insulation for normal loads.

Our insulation fill made of pure recycled granules with excellent values in thermal and impact sound insulation.

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  • Use of pure recycled granules
  • Very good thermal insulation
  • Lambda = 0,046 W/mK
  • Traffic loads up to 10kN/m²
  • Enormous impact sound improvement

Technical data: ThermoWhite WD 100 R

Designation code: BEPS-WD 100 R-PS(0-8)R-LD82-FMD130_DMD110-MU6-CS(10/70-CC(1,3/0,5/10)10-DLT(1)5
90%-Fractile value of thermal conductivity (dry) - λ10 dry, 90/900,0464 W/mK
Design value of thermal conductivity - λ0,048 W/mK
Bulk density of EPS dry mortar - LD82 kg/m³
Density of fresh mortar - FMD130 kg/m³
Dry bulk density - DMD110 kg/m³
Compressive stress at 10 % deformation - CS (10)7070 kPa
Dimensional stability under compressive and temperature stresses - DLT (1)5≤ 3 %
Water vapour permeability - at 3 cmµ*d = ≤ 6 m
Water absorption during brief, partial immersion≤ 2,0 kg/m²
Reaction to fire according to EUROCLASS***E
Type and particle size group of EPS aggregate0 - 8 R
Addition of water each m³40 litre
Minimum thickness****35 mm
Compressibility under charge (Diff. between dL and dF) - with 5 kPa (500 kg/m²)0,5 mm
Processing time (open time, 20°/60 % LF)min. 40 Minutes
Processing temperature min/max+5° / +35°C
walkable from2 days*
Ready for covering after (CM-measurement)≤ 15 CM-%
On installed thickness to 200 mm (23 °C / 50 % LF)approx. 5 days**
Compensation moisture on ÖNORM EN 124295,5 M %
Impact sound reduction (according to EN ISO 717-2)25 dB
Dynamic Stiffness76 MN/m³
Live loads - 10 cm10 kN/m²
* depending on temperature and humidity.
** the data are to be understood as guide values. A CM measurement is required.
*** A thermal insulation material made of EPS can prevent the spread of fire in case of fire, however, it does not constitute a fire barrier.
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ThermoWhite® Ready-mixed products

The ThermoWhite® ready-mixed product is the dry mixture of Thermowhite compound and EPS granules.

Ideal for craftsmen and small quantities, it can be mixed and installed directly on the construction site by adding water in a compulsory mixer.

ThermoWhite® ready-mixed product is mainly used for small quantities, for example for renovations and extensions. Available in bags of 100 and 200 liters.

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