Processing of ThermoWhite® WD products on the construction site

installation on the construction site before processing thermowhite

1. Raw installation

Completed installation work before thermal insulation.
thermowhite in processing at the construction site

2. Processing ThermoWhite

After completion of the installation work, the ThermoWhite WD Product insulation fill is installed. The material is compacted and drawn off to the intended level according to the level plan.
thermowhite ready processed on the construction site

3. ThermoWhite built-in

When built-in, the installation lines are seamlessly enveloped by ThermoWhite and thus insulated.
heating system after processing thermowhite on the construction site

4. Laying foils, panels and underfloor heating

After the drying time, foils or panels can be laid on ThermoWhite. If necessary, the underfloor heating can be installed afterwards.
floor screed after processing thermowhite on the construction site

5. Screed laying

The next step is the laying of the screed. The screed is also installed according to the horizontal plan, to the desired level.

6. Floor installation

Finally, the desired floor is laid on the screed.
ThermoWhite Youtube Processing Image Belgium

Watch a video on Youtube (external link) of ThermoWhite processing on the construction site.